The World of Sign Up Bonus India Casinos

A free sign up bonus casino is often more welcomed by the audience because it shows that the casino cares about their clients and wants to make their experience the best. However, it has become a widespread issue that people get tricked into spending more money because they either don’t know to sign up bonuses exist or don’t follow the rules required to claim them. This article will help you better understand the world of sign-up bonuses!


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What is a sign up casino bonus?

Have you ever tried a perfume sample in a mall or got a gift card for your next purchase? Well, sign-up bonuses are very similar to it! A sign up bonus is sort of a “gift”, which is meant to attract players onto the casino website. This type of casino bonus is usually given to new members so that they will create an account and sign up for the online casino. It is a great way both to market the casino itself, which keeps the traffic flowing, and please the players with interesting offers. Moreover, a sign up bonus is a highly useful tool that can help a person determine whether they like the gaming process or not and if a certain casino is even worth their time and money. Although such bonuses certainly won’t win you a jackpot and support you for your whole life, by trying them out you get many opportunities to “bite” off a little from various services so that you will be able to choose the best online casino according to your taste.

Obviously, a sign up bonus isn’t the only kind of bonus existing in different online casinos, but it certainly is the most popular way of engaging new people to try out the game, which was proved to be highly useful. 

What are the requirements?

In order for casinos to not get scammed by players (even this can happen!), they provide certain requirements for withdrawing bonuses. There is no universal way of summarizing them because they can drastically differ from one casino to another, although there are some common factors. 

One of them is a wagering requirement, which is basically a certain amount of money you should spend before cashing out your bonus. For example, if you get a 1000 INR bonus with a 30x requirement, then you have to play for 30’000 INR before cashing out the bonus. You should check those on the website specifically because they can be unique for each casino.

Another requirement is a particular time frame, which means that the casino needs you to meet the rules in a certain amount of time. People often get tricked by that, because they tend to miss the deadline and then they get upset with the casino for not giving them their bonus. 

How many sign-up bonuses are there?

There is a huge list of different bonuses that casinos usually offer and it only keeps expanding. The main difference – to make it as simple as can be – is whether you have to make a deposit for the bonus or no. Here are some common sign up bonuses:

  • Deposit bonus. This is the most frequent type of bonus in many online casinos and it is often offered to new players. The main condition of that type of bonus is that you get money on your account matching your first deposit, but sometimes it can go as high as 500%.
  • No deposit bonus. Also one of the common sign-up bonuses, although offered less than the first type. It is generally more loved by people because they get to play for free without spending any money. However, many casinos stay away from a no deposit bonus, offering you something only after you invest in them.
  • Free spins. This is also one of the well-known signup bonuses when people get to try a variety of slot machines without spending money on them. That way you can get to know the game and pick out the option you like most. Moreover, some casinos use free spins when announcing new games, sort of promoting them to the public.
  • Quick credit. People tend to underestimate this sign up bonus because it usually is just a small amount of money transferred to your account when signing up, but it has a huge benefit. Quick credits tend to limit the player less because unlike free spins they can be used while playing a variety of games, not just one.

How to properly search for sign up bonuses?

You may find it hard to spot the best offer on the market roaming through various online casino games. Unfortunately, many online casino websites aren’t very clean, when it comes to sign-up bonuses and bonuses in general, so they blurry the player’s vision by catchy titles and make it seem more profitable than it really is. 

There is a lot of already compiled lists of top bonuses from different casinos for you to try out, but there is a risk that they are just advertisements and not a genuine recommendation, although not all. That way it is very important to be able to choose the best offer by yourself. ‘How?’ – you ask. Well, here is your answer!

  • Spend a decent amount of time on your research. Trust us, a couple of minutes spent on googling will make a great difference in your gaming. Try looking up as many offers as you can, so that you will see the overall trends and will be able to have a lot of opportunities in front of you. 
  • Read from front to back. It is so important to look at every mentioned part of the offer. Some people often just see a huge number and rush to the website in order to claim said bonus, but the reality is that often the requirements are a little tricky. Don’t be like those people and don’t fall victim to marketing! Read everything thoroughly, especially the expiration date and the requirements! 
  • Look up the reviews. If you are a relatively new player of online casinos, the internet is your friend. There is a huge community of experienced gamblers from all over the world ready to help you, so don’t hesitate and read some unbiased in-depth reviews.

If you still have any questions left, check out the FAQ down below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our top questions that often arise when people are looking into sign up bonuses:

How do casino bonuses work?

Although it may differ from one casino bonus to another, it is pretty much an investment that a casino makes when trying to get a new player by giving them a small prize.

How often can you claim a bonus?

Well, sign-up bonuses are often a one-time offer, but there are a lot of other kinds of bonuses throughout the whole gaming process, so it depends on your chosen casino.

Can you win a fortune by just claiming bonuses?

Although in theory, it is possible, in reality, it’s far from it. Even if you get the opportunity to claim any bonuses at once, it will probably lead to many unnecessary calculations, and in the end, you won’t have much left.

What should you pay attention to?

Everything! If you are interested in one particular bonus, always look at its time limits and wagering requirements, because every detail matters.

Are free spins worth it?

Yes, they surely are! While free spins are not just straight-up money, they are your best tools when trying new games, so that you’ll spot the best casino for you.

How to withdraw bonus money?

If you followed all the necessary wagering requirements, then you should be able to claim your bonus without any problems! You can find them on the website of the casino you are playing and check if everything is alright.

Are sign up bonuses worth it?

The short answer is yes. Sign-up bonuses are definitely worth it when you know how and when to use them. They can not only be a pleasant gift but a huge helper in the overall process.

The world would certainly be a better place for gamblers if every casino was a free sign up bonus casino, but unfortunately, it’s just not possible. So try to get your best out of the situation and use the knowledge you gained. 

Remember: there is no such thing as a free lunch! So be careful with your bonuses.