how to play poker

Introduction to the splendid world of poker: rules, sense and types

Poker is a legendary game. Most people think it’s easy and somehow that’s right, but to become a superior player many strategies must be learned. The knowledge of psychology can protect your money and help you succeed, since poker is a card table where you play for yourself against rivals who are not friends – they are new for you as well as you are for them. To perform proficiently, you must understand the basics of poker and use them while sliding within poker rooms. If you are eager to become a top player, read out the guide and learn how to grab the greatest winnings.


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Poker rules

Playing poker isn’t a piece of cake, but achievable though. The main instrument in poker – cards and the ability to cope with them can lead to big money. The deck of cards contains 52 items. Usually, nine people are seated at a table. It is vital to catch the right position as it’s one of the dominant factors too. We observed numerous versions of poker and their key principles are:

  • Donate to the central «bank», which includes game chips.
  • Cards are provided for players, some of them are given blindly.
  • Then, several moves are expected to happen, such as preflop, flop, pocket or pass.

The target is to take as many chips or money as possible and lose as little as possible. However, the card’s distribution is limited. Also, if you hoard the best card combination among your rivals – the bank is yours.

Poker types

There exist several poker kinds and every gambler wants to know how to play Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Omaha Poker and Texas Hold’em poker. Currently, Texas Hold’em poker is more commonly known in the gambling world.

Poker tutorial: how to play it

As we have already pointed out, the majority of gamblers select the Texas Hold’em poker type. Let’s dive into and discover poker game rules and stages.

Texas Hold’em poker

It is relatively simple, however, its basics are taken in rule sets of other poker types.

The general algorithm of playing:

  1. Participants will take places at the oval table. A button that deals cards in poker is defined.
  2. Players make bets clockwise. The first two members to the right of the baton make blind bets. Since the «dealer» and its neighbours change as the game progresses, during the long game players’ positions are usually evened out.
  3. Each member receives two cards that only he can see. Opponents may not even know what cards are under the shirts before the game ends.
  4. If no one equals the bet, the winner is automatically determined, and he has the right to take the bank right away, though the amount of the winnings, consisting only of the blinds, will be tiny.
  5. Then, three common cards are put on the table so that they are visible to everyone.
  6. Participants assess their chances of winning and decide what to do next.
  1. The fourth is already on the table with the common cards. Players have an opportunity to make a bet.
  2. A fifth common card is opened, and the resulting rates are implemented on the same basis as the previous one.
  3. If one of the players raises the bet as much as possible and the other players do not support it, he takes the bank without opening the cards. If there is more than one participant at the table, the winner shall be the one who managed to put together a better combination.

Poker guide: main stages

  1. Preflop – first necessary stage. Players get 2 «pocket cards». First on the preflop is the player who sits to the left of the big blind. In poker, we call it an “early position”. You don’t have to bet twice on a preflop, after one raise, another raises make just one more blind, but maybe more. The trade ends when everyone makes moves. The player gets the bank if his bet or rise isn’t equalized.
  2. Flop – the second stage, where three common cards are drawn face-up. The circle of trade goes by: aside from variants of the move, used in the first round, players will be able to check, and then the next player will hand.
  3. Turn – the third stage, where the fourth common card is drawn. Participants either go all in or make minimal possible bets.
  4. River – at this stage, players already clearly understand what they can wait for and make the last bet.
  5. Showdown – card opening and combination comparison. Pocket cards are turned face up to compare combinations after the river.

Card combinations in poker: how to play with them

To come out on top in poker, you ought to know several combinations of poker hand rankings. For playing online poker you need to learn the next combinations:

● Royal flush – the most successful combination, which has a higher power. A selection is made up of five cards, alternately from ten to ace. All cards must be of the same suit.
● Straight flush – you get to fold five cards in sequence (in order) of the same suit.
● Four of a kind – a combination of four cards, for example AAAA or 8888 of the same rank, any suit is equal in strength.

● Full house – three cards of one suit are dropped, two other cards from a combination of another suit (for example, QQQ + 77, this is when the player managed to collect both Three of a kind and Pair at the same time).
● Flush – is five cards of any dignity, but only necessarily of one suit.
● Straight – here the cards go in turn, there should be five of them (the peculiarity is the role of Ace, which can be equivalent to the oldest or youngest card).
● Three of a kind – the essence of the combination is to collect three cards of the same value.
● Two pairs – is a situation where the player uses two pocket cards to collect a combination of two pairs.
● Pair – is the youngest poker combination. Here you need to collect two cards in the same rank, regardless of suit.
● High card – is the weakest combination in the game. In situations where the above strong combinations were not used to fall out in the game, the player with the kicker (the oldest card) wins.

poker hand rankings

How to play poker for beginners

Strategies are concrete techniques in specific game situations. Experienced players can figure out their own playing strategy or manner. The poker approach depends on where you play:

● Online casino or specialized poker room.
● By real cash tables.
● Professional poker tournaments.

Also, the strategy leans on the rivals and cards the player has. We have discovered the main points every newcomer must know:

  1. The first point – avoid numerous hands.
    Take only 20% of them if you want to survive. Start with light hands like
    9- 9, T-T, J-J, Q-Q, K-K, A-A. It will give you an opportunity not to lose quickly.
  2. The second strategy point – don’t call a lot!
    Betting is better than calling. Why? Your opponents don’t see your cards till the showdown. During your callings, the experienced players can bypass and succeed easily.
  3. The last strategy thing – stop feeling uncomfortable when you lose. You may not believe it, but casino and poker sites tend to disappoint even top players, as it will never be enough experience. Keep doing fine and one day you will win in 95% of games.

How to play poker games: Pro Tips

We have collected the best pieces of advice ever, check it out:

  • Your level of aggression should be above your comfort level. Poker is a game of calculated aggression. Once you have mastered the basics of the game, you will know at what point it is necessary to intensify the aggression.
  • Patience is also necessary. One of the basic principles of a smart poker player is to chip in much more hands than run wild. Wait patiently when the odds of winning are high enough and then act aggressively. Note: it’s important to monitor jokers.
  • Look after your competitors. Your task here is to develop a skill of people scanning and work on psychology knowledge. Track the emotions and hands of rivals.
  • Advance your skills constantly. One of the most powerful methods to train your skills is joining poker tournaments with limited rates – not more than INR 370. Besides, you can study much by reading blogs and books on the topic of poker strategy and manners.

How to bet on poker

During the game, each player is able to place bets. We prepared a list of them with clear descriptions:

● Antes – not a huge amount every poker player must contribute before the game.
● Blinds – it has some similarities with antes, however, it’s not required to contribute. The small blind is placed by the player directly to the left of the dealer (dealer button), with the big blind to the left of the small. From these proceeds, a seed bank is formed, which in turn becomes a prize for a winner.
● Call – to compare or respond to your opponent’s bet.
● Raise – to «strangle» rivals with higher bets.
● Fold – throw it by announcing you and the game.

The trading circle is closed when all participants have determined and implemented the action (bet and card dropping). Moreover, several trading circles may be carried out during each distribution.

How to play poker in Hindi for Indian players?

We observe no difference between Indian poker sites and others. The tendency of playing poker is increasing. More and more people are eager to learn how to play poker in Hindi and win big money. Fortunately, many sites accept Indian players and offer worthy bonuses like sign up bonus or no deposit bonus. However, unfortunately, some regions want gamblers to pay a tax of 30% of the winning amount. Also, in some areas like Maharashtra, Assam, Andhra Pradesh etc poker is still illegal, so be prepared. Talking about the best poker sites in India, in its list will be BLITZ POKER India, Adda52, Spartan Poker and GGPoker India.


What is poker game?

It is a popular casino-gambling board game. The goal is to collect the best card combination. To win you should learn them, special terms and tips, and of course know all tricks as poker is a very unexpected thing.

How to play poker cards in India?

The algorithm is clear enough and is very similar to other countries – you register at the site, get your welcome bonus or best slots online , choose the poker type and room you want to play and start winning big.

How to play poker for beginners?

One significant rule for newbies is not to play aggressively. Your task in the first games is to monitor the opponents and play patiently. Take up easy and good cards, hard combinations may lead to money-losing.

What is the best way to learn poker game rules?

We recommend you read poker guides and blogs first. Later, try poker tournaments with low bets INR 370-400. These things will train your brains and skillsets for big poker games.

Conclusion to poker tutorial

Poker is the game that has absorbed the gambling world. Superior poker variants to play will be Baccarat, Omaha and Texas Hold’em. The last one is the most widely used. There are some points you must know before betting: poker hand rankings list and tactics details. Besides all strategies, card combination skills and mastered manners of playing you should keep in mind -poker is a game of chance, so don’t get disappointed about the droppings. Monitor fresh info about playing online poker and beat opponents exponentially.