How To Play BlackJack

Blackjack rules: essential summary for the newbies

Those who are looking for the instructions on how to play blackjack, probably know what blackjack is. Long story short, it’s one of the most notorious card game in the world.

Blackjack game rules or how to play blackjack

Speaking about rules and the blackjack tips, rule №1 is to remember, that your main competitor is the House. So the only one at the table to pay attention to is the dealer. The sense is to get 21 scores and to beat the casino.

Rules Of Blackjack the game process

The player should get the chips and bet. After that, the game begins.

  • Each player gets two cards. The dealer as well gets two cards. Gambler’s cards are face-up. According to the blackjack dealer rules, one of the dealer’s cards lays face-down.
  • When the cards are dealt, the dealer checks on that unknown card. If there’s a total 21 the set’s over and the dealer shows the cards. Those gamblers having 21 as well, gets their bet back.
  • If the dealer’s hand valued more or less than 21, the game goes on and the players can guess if the dealer has blackjack or not and chose the strategy.

According to the blackjack rules, the gambles who got 21 with initial hand, when the dealer did not get their prizes. While the others choose among the following actions:

  1. Stand. A blackjack strategy for those who are sure their hand is better than the dealer has. No more cards for them.
  2. Hit. The gambler gets more cards until they choose to stand, or get bust.
  3. Double Down. The gambler pays one more wager to get another card.
  4. Split. Another bet is paid to split the hand of 2 equal cards and get 2 more to make different hands.
  5. Surrender. The Blackjack game rules allow the gambler to discharge their first hand and get half of the wager returned.

Blackjack strategy chart

Remember, that the blackjack basic strategy is math. Count your cards’ value that is quite simple:

  • The cards 2-10 have face value;
  • J, K, Q are 10 points;
  • A is 11 or 1

and follow the optimal mathematical decisions. The blackjack strategy chart could be easily found on the web.

Blackjack how to play: FAQ

Learn the strategy. When you have 12-16 and the dealer’s card is 2-6, choose Stand. With 12-16 at hand and the dealer’s A+7, hit. Ask for a split having two Aces. When you have A+6, opt for a hit or double the bet. Study the probability tips and tricks

The gamblers sit at the semi-circle table. Each of them has a special place for the cards and chips. All the gamers’ actions are indicated with a special hand sign not verbally.

Stick to the chosen strategy and know when you can go for another set and when it is better to stop.

The 21 card game rules are really quite simple when the gamer is experienced enough. That is probably the reason for the gamblers’ loyalty to this game.