All About High Rollers

So-called VIP bonus because it is intended for players with a big amount of cash. Some people who have gambled a good sum and are ready to wager during a single session. These people are known as high rollers. Casinos usually give a special treat to these players, so everybody wants to become one of them. By the way, VIP players get an opportunity to claim bonuses according to their luxurious gambling style. In this article, we will tell you more about high roller bonus and introduce you to different types of it, give you some tips on which one is better to choose, and answer the most frequently asked questions. 


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Types of High Rollers bonuses

Even though the high roller bonus is intended for privileged players, you don’t have to be a VIP to get it. We picked some profitable types of promotions that will help you to make real money and jump over your head. 

  • Welcome bonus
    For those who didn’t know casinos can offer big cash welcome bonuses to players who call themselves high rollers. These promotions are serious business. Only thoughtful people can deal with it. They usually consist of substantial stocks but casinos still might require a great sum to deposit.
    Let’s see how it works. So a conventional welcome bonus at an online casino can match to 100% which can double the deposit you made starting with $20 and up to $100. Sounds lovely, right? High roller bonuses mostly offers only 50% match but in the end, you will be able to claim a sum up to $2000! Sure, casinos probably will require a prior deposit of as much as $500 into their accounts but it’s worth it. As we mentioned before, high rollers are intended for real gamblers.  However, if you don’t want to get involved that much, you can always refuse a casino’s offer to become a VIP or to receive any promotions. 
  • VIP bonuses
    You probably have heard that casino high rollers are sometimes also called VIP bonuses. It means that those players get more perks alongside their status or deposit promotions. These extra things are usually unlimited access to casinos’ loyalty programs or honorary status of VIP players. 
    Obviously, you know all the advantages of being a privileged gambler – you easily get much more benefits than others can gain. However, it doesn’t mean you can forget about requirements which we will discuss later in the article.  

Which type of high rollers bonus to choose? 

To make a good profit and win a large sum you will probably need to get some bonuses. But here is the question: which one to choose to hit the jackpot? For high rollers, of course, there is no need for welcome bonuses. They will not change a situation or will bring a negligible amount of win. So if you want to boost your bankroll and get even more money than you already have, you should remember the following:

  • accept invitations to loyalty programs and VIP clubs. This way online casino will work for you which means they will supply you with different useful perks;
  • choose smaller casino match such as 50%, then you will be able to claim up to $2000 at once; 
  • choose the best casino that is convenient for you to play in, make your strategy and you are golden!

Why do casinos give high rollers bonuses? 

Perhaps, the most common question in the area of online gambling. A lot of people are interested in why casinos give high rollers bonuses, thinking that it could be a trap. However, it is not and it has only good intentions. The thing is players with large sums make the most profit for online gambling sites. They are ready to put in as much money as possible. So casinos give a lot of perks to VIP players to keep them in the game. It is beneficial for both sides. For example, the VIP player receives a gift such as a great number of free spins which helps him to get a good win, and, on the other side, the casino gets a significant input in its account. All in all, this system is designed for high rollers and works profitable both ways for the game and the player. 

Casinos high rollers bonuses requirements

Let’s be honest, VIP players are always more valuable to casinos and bring more profit than standard players. Because of this reason, wagering requirements for the privileged class of gamblers are less than conventional. Evidently, casinos tend to do everything possible to please those members and one way of doing it is to set lower wagering requirements on casino bonuses.
Sometimes you can come across the same figures for both standard and VIP players but it happens rarely and completely depends on the online casino games. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to join VIP programs as a high roller?

The VIP programs are intended for players with high bets and stakes. It’s designed particularly for them. However, if you don’t want to enroll in any program, you are not obliged to join and can refuse to receive special bonuses or decline invitations. But with all the extras, we would recommend you take such an offer.

Can I get a higher welcome bonus as a high roller?   

Yes, you can, but take some obstacles into account. The amount of bonuses always depends on the casino and its policies. So, unless the gambling site offers such a promotion, you will get the same standard bonus as others. Eventually, you can enroll in a loyalty program or take part in high roller bonuses which will make you a profit of up to $5000. 

What games should I choose as a high roller?

Any game is good for you, but for a thrill, it is always better to play those which require great sums and give you gambling sensation. For example, blackjack, baccarat, or craps. If you have tons of money you want to spend then baccarat is definitely for you. Blackjack and craps are pretty similar and can allow some of the highest casino limits available. 


High rollers bonus designed for wealthy players or in other words for people who are ready to spend a good amount of cash. Perhaps, one of the best bonuses out there because it has minor wagering requirements, supplies players with a lot of perks, and can make a profit of up to $5000. To get the most of it, take our tips into account and go boost your bankroll, using all the VIP privileges you have!