Free spins in online casino games

The best casino should be able to keep its customers interested at all times, so that’s why many casinos turn to bonuses when planning their business strategies. Many online casinos offer bonuses in order to keep players excited and willing to gamble and one of the most common types is a free spin bonus. Free spins give you the opportunity to play a slot machine without spending any money on it, so you can try new things and choose the best slot machine for you. If you want to learn more about free spins casino and bonuses in general, then this article is right up your alley!


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Different kinds of free spin bonuses

Free spins are one of the most popular types of online casino bonus used to lure in players. Not everybody knows that there are several types of such bonuses, although there isn’t much difference between them. Let’s look at the most common types of free spins that you can use:

  • Deposit free spins. This is the type of free spins bonus which gives you an opportunity to play slots freely, but only after you make a deposit. The tricky part here is that you often have to pay a minimum amount of money to get free spins, so be attentive when it comes to requirements. Although such bonuses tend to be more beneficial for players, some people prefer to choose no deposit bonus casino to play in.
  • Welcome bonus. Free spins are often added to a welcome bonus, because the casino wants to attract new customers. This one is far more common as it helps first-time players to try different games and choose the best one according to their taste.
  • “Try out” free spins. It may sound strange at first, but in this case casinos offer free spins to advertise a new slot machine. If it’s not that well-known, then they somehow have to get new people to play, so free spins are very useful in that sense.  
  • Regular free spins. Some casinos use free spins as a constant marketing technique, for example once a week. That way they endorse regular players to continue gambling and reward their effort. 

So as you can see there are many types of casino free spins and the list still may differ from one casino to another, because new bonuses are often added.

Which types of free spins to choose?

Choosing a bonus is the matter of taste. Because there are so many different opportunities on the market, you don’t really have to settle down for something less.

One of the most beloved by people types of free spins is the welcome bonus. It often gives you a “carte blanche”, because you don’t have to make a deposit for it or spend a long time and you still have the opportunity to try a worthy amount of games.

If you already are a dedicated player, then don’t be afraid to choose a weekly bonus. While a welcome offer is always one-time, you can claim a weekly bonus numerous times. It keeps things more exciting and doesn’t disappoint as much, because even if you missed one week you still have another ahead of you.

Another important thing is that if you want to choose the best “free spin offer”, you should pay attention to the casino’s requirements. For example, if the casino offers 150 free spins with no deposit, but you have to spend them on the particular slot machine (which was proven to give little to no prizes) then that offer isn’t worth it.

What is the reason for giving out casino free spins? 

Many people tend to think that it is reckless for casinos to basically give away money, but it is actually not as dumb as some people describe it. In order for a business to grow it has to attract an audience one way or another. The number of online casinos is tremendous, especially in the 21st century, so you really have to make your business stand out and offering free spins is one of the best ways to do so. 

Most online casinos develop serious marketing strategies to distribute the best offers evenly and still gain profit. New players are interested in signing up to the website, old players stay loyal by being constantly engaged to continue gambling – everybody is in the win! So it is wise to offer such bonuses, if the casino does it fairly.

What rules should you follow to claim free spins?

One thing that is common for every casino and every game there can possibly be – the requirements on the website. Obviously, if you want to replace free spins with real money, you have to meet requirements placed by the casino. One of the tricks of such bonuses is that some people brush off the most important rules, because they are caught up in the adrenaline and the drive to win some money, and so they are left with nothing in the end. Don’t be like them and check the following requirements:

  • The minimum deposit. If the bonus (in our case, free spins) is a deposit bonus, then you absolutely have to pay attention to the minimum amount of money you have to invest. It is such a simple step, but somehow people still miss it.
  • The time frame. Another very common requirement is a time limit. Players are often restricted with a certain amount of time in order to claim their bonus. For example, if you want to get 150 free spins (pretty sweet deal!) and you see that it is a daily offer, then you have to do it in 24 hours and not a minute later. 
  • Promised slots. Some casino free spins include only certain games, so be sure to check out the list of the games in the offer, if you don’t want to spend money on them.
  • Promo codes. Promo codes are essentially promotional codes (well, duh) and they are used by some casinos as a promotional technique. Promo codes usually consist of random numbers or letters that can be easily mixed up. So if you want to use the promo code, make sure to write it correctly, because otherwise it won’t do anything. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have any unanswered questions left, check out the FAQ down below!

Is it useful to claim free spins?

Free spin is one of the best ways to try something new, so if you are interested in new online casino games, then free spins are the right choice for you.

How to claim free spins?

Such requirements differ in some online games, so you have to check the rules in your chosen casino. There is no universal way.

How to get free spins in India?

If you are an Indian player, then you have to check the list of casinos that accept such customers and create an account on a particular website. It shouldn’t be a huge problem, because many online casinos cater to Indian customers.

How many free spins can I get?

This is another thing that really depends on your casino. The most common offers include  10, 30, 50, 100 and 150 free spins with no deposit, however you can find better offers.

Is it safe to claim free spins?

As long as the casino is registered and has a license, then everything is safe there, including the bonuses. You should be able to look up the necessary documents on the website or you can make a request using customer support.

Are free spins any good?

Just as any other bonus, free spins are great for first time players looking for new online casino games to try. In most cases free spins are the best way to try brand new slots without having to spend a fortune. It is an indicator which helps to differentiate the best  free spins casino, which really cares about its players and wants to keep them satisfied, from a casino that just wants some promotion. Don’t forget that you have to look out for the requirements, because often they are pretty tricky, and you don’t want to sign up to the casino just to be scammed along the way.

Although you can’t really win a jackpot with them, you can cash out a nice prize, but only if you choose wisely and spend a considerable amount of time on your research. 

We hope that this article was helpful for your gambling journey and you have some new knowledge to test out and skills to practice. Why don’t you try some free spins right now?