Introduction into casino rewards and their types

Every online gambling service has to care about its players’ convenience while they are in the process of playing. But also, casinos have to do their best to make people want to play again. And that’s done with the help of special casino rewards. Besides your returning to the casino to play more, bonus rewards make your gameplay more exciting.


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Casino promotions can present free spins, extra money etc. that are rewarded to you by a casino. Usually, getting a bonus implies meeting requirements defined by the gambling service. There’s no casino where the variety of rewarding gamblers is reduced to only one type of bonus. There are different kinds of them and different conditions under which you can get them. If you want to be fully equipped with the knowledge of what best casino bounties players can enjoy and when, reading the casino’s rules or  another player’s review may help. However, this article will guide you through casino bounties and their types much faster.

Now it’s time we dived into the world of promotions for casino frequenters. Bonuses are usually divided into many kinds like:

  • welcome bonus rewards;
  • deposit bonus rewards;
  • no deposit bonus rewards;
  • free spin bonus rewards;
  • sign up bonus rewards;
  • cashback online casino bonus rewards;
  • VIP exclusive bonus rewards etc.

As it was pointed out above, in most cases don’t expect to be provided with a bonus until you fulfill the conditions of getting it. It can imply different things, from depositing a sum of money defined by the gambling service provider on your account first to wagering the bonus money a certain number of times; the latter is usually done in order to get the same bonus again. Here logical questions arise: how can a player find out what bonus programs the casino has? Where to learn about the requirements for these bonuses? You see, usually online gambling websites have live chats where all the necessary information is provided.  

Online casino bonuses: from the casino welcome bonus to the Exclusive casino bonus reward 

As it was pointed out above, different casino bonus online types exist. There’s not only one of them so remembering those may present a certain difficulty. However, right now you’re reading a review which goal’s to systematize rewards’ types and make learning them most convenient for you. Earlier the kinds of bonuses were listed but now it’s high time we dealt with what their essence is.

The deposit bonus is usually a variety of welcome rewards, thus it’s usually given to the casino’s newcomers. For example, these bonuses can be found at a Casumo casino website.The deposit bonus’s essence is this: you deposit money on your account and get the 100% of it as a bonus. Withdrawing the money can be done after you’ve wagered the bonus money a certain number of times. The size of welcome casino online bonus rewards can vary and so are the requirements to get it. This means that studying the relevant info is highly recommended. There are also varieties of the deposit bonus or rewards which are included. Among them are:

  • the sign up bonus which is very similar to the deposit one. It usually includes both bonus money and free spins. Very often such rewards are provided to you after you have entered a casino bonus code;
  • the reload casino online bonus.  The reload bonus usually has the “ladder” structure, for example, each deposit may bring you a 300, 200 or 100%  reward accordingly. 

The no deposit bonus is, unlike the deposit one, given to you without your having deposited money on the account first. However, not all gambling sites provide this kind of bonus so you have to specify this with the provider.

The most loyal gamblers can get exclusive rewards. The more you come to play on the same casino website the higher the chance that sooner or later you’ll be offered a Topnotch bonus. In this case you may be offered big bonuses under milder conditions.

What is required of you to get casino rewards from welcome to any other ones?

Bonuses are usually provided to gamblers under certain conditions and sometimes with restrictions. The latter can depend on the kind of bonus or the policy of a casino.

Deposit bonuses are usually provided only if you deposit a particular sum of money on your casino account first. For instance, on India’s best casino websites the Casinoin casino newcomer gamblers have to deposit 500$ after which they are rewarded with 100% bonus. As a result, you end up having an account balance of 1000$. Usually, withdrawing the money can also be carried out only after having performed certain actions. Most often what’s required is betting the bonus money a certain amount of times in a number of tournaments.

In some gaming houses bonuses can be provided as a free casino bonus to attract more customers, though such generosity isn’t found very often.

Not only money but also free spins can be a casino bonus type. What is the essence of such bonuses as casino free spins? When you get a free spin bonus it means that you can use a slot machine  for free during several rounds. How can one enjoy such a bonus? Very often it is a part of another bonus, for example, deposit one. Besides, free spins may be given to players for certain winning slot combinations.

Not as popular as free slots but still really pleasant to get is a cashback bonus. Cashback casino rewards are those which allow you to get back some part of what you’ve lost while gambling. Many of India’s casinos are likely to offer you a cashback bonus as they are afraid that you may not return to the casino having lost too much.

Unlike deposit bonuses, reload ones can be used an unlimited number of times and in different games or tournaments. Those are offered as soon as a player fullfill’s deposit or any other requirements triggering the online casino bounties.

What online casino rewards can make your gambling maximum enjoyable? 

Getting a bonus is always a pleasant thing. However, different casino bonus types exist and some of them may be more profitable to gamers than others. On the other hand, every bonus has its own features and thus, every player chooses what suits him most.

It can be easily understood from what was said above that every bonus has its pros and cons. Some bonuses are costly to get, for example, deposit rewards but they may be combined with reload bonuses and thus you can get them unlimitedly as long as you fulfill the reqirements. Still, the feeling that you have spent nothing but still got a bonus is probably priceless. Such are free casino bonus rewards. The significant disadvantage of such bonuses is that not every casino offers them, usually you have to give something while gambling in order to expect bonus profit.

The good thing is there’s barely a casino where you get nothing if you play much. For the most loyal gamblers there are exclusive loyalty VIP programs, such as in Leovegas casino. They tend to reward you with higher cashback, milder wagering requirements etc. Becoming an Exclusive player can be a powerful stimulus for people to gamble as much as they can on casino platforms.    

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of bonuses are there at India’s online casino?

There are different types of bonuses, welcome, deposit and non-deposit ones, and also loyalty rewards. The types of bonuses provided to gamesters often depend on the casino’s policy.

How can I claim my casino bonus?

Some bonuses are given to gamblers for free, for others you have to fulfill certain wagering requirements.

What can requirements for claiming bonuses be?

Very often bonuses can be claimed after having wagered the bonus money a certain number of times (betting requirements can vary from 20x to 30x- 40x, sometimes higher).

Are wagering requirements always strict?

This depends on the casino’s policy, getting an Exclusive status can let you have those bonuses under milder conditions.

What will I get as a casino bonus?

Bonuses are extra money given to you by the gambling provider or free spins to be used while playing online slots. You may then use them for online poker real money India casino tournaments.

Concluding the review on getting best bonuses while playing online casino games

Let’s say some final words on what gambling bounties there are and which of them you may be recommended to pursue.

Players can find different types of promotions at online casinos. Among them the casino welcome bonus also deposit, non-deposit, reload bonuses. Some of them can be given to you for free but most often you have to fulfill wagering requirements of 20x, 30x, or even more.  

Usually players are very interested in what bonuses they should choose to get maximum profit without losing too much money. The main advice to be given here is to use only those bonuses which suit your financial state as a player. If you don’t have much money but accept a deposit bonus be ready to possibly spend more than you can get in the end. The important thing here is to assess your financial opportunities very wisely.

Getting an Exclusive haunter status can be a good way to enjoy high rewards at lower expenses. It can be a good choice if you are a real gambler and not afraid of risking money for the sake of higher winnings. The more you gamble at your favourite casino the higher the chance you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

There is plenty of online casinos in India so it’s easy to choose the one that will be perfect for you. Most gambling platforms have live 24/7 chats where any player can get information on bonuses provided at the casino and wagering requirements or restrictions to claim them. However, not all bonuses are difficult to claim. Such rewards as free spins can often be enjoyed for free as welcome or sign-up bonuses. They may also be provided to gamblers together with other bonus types like deposit ones.  As soon as you act wisely while gambling you’ll be able to enjoy both gameplay and some pleasant casino bonus from time to time.